Separation Anxiety

Separation anxiety is upsetting for all involved. It can leave many guardians feeling helpless and frustrated, put pressure on relationships within the home and, worst of all, you may come home to find your beloved dog in great distress, your home in disarray and in some cases your dog may have injured himself.

The good news is that separation anxiety is treatable and as a fully Certified Separation Anxiety Trainer (CSAT) I can help you.  Simply complete the prospective client questionnaire and we will schedule a FREE 30 minute call via phone or Skype to discuss your individual needs and how a tailored training programme works. Help is just a phone call away!

Separation Anxiety is Fixable!

You can help your dog learn to live a less stressful life when you are away from home.

Why Hire a Certified Separation Anxiety Trainer?

‘’Hundreds of separation anxiety cases resolved’’

‘’CSATs are widely recognized as the leaders in treating separation anxiety, in no small part due to our unparalleled track record of successfully resolved cases. Excellent Trainers all over the world refer their separation anxiety cases and inquiries to our team of CSATs.’’


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