Private Training

Action Works Dog Training coaches you to teach your dog, giving you homework tasks to help you continue the training every day.

One Hour Sessions

All our one hour training sessions include a written report to support your training at home.

Train at home

Busy schedule? We can come to your home to help train you and your dog..


If you want to teach your dog general good manners and can’t attend classes, private training is an excellent way to spend some one-on-one time with your dog and learn new skills.

Private Dog Training

We Train Based on Your Schedule

With our busy schedules sometimes it is not possible to attend weekly classes and for some sensitive or aggressive dogs group training is overwhelming. However this does not mean you and your dog have to miss out! Private training at your home, where each session is tailored to suit your dog’s needs and yours, is the perfect solution.

You be will be coached on how to teach your dog each new behaviour and how it applies in day to day life.

Training sessions are one hour and include a written report on how to continue the training yourself.

What We Help With

Here are a few of the things that you may want help with: pulling when on lead, jumping up on people, coming when called, toilet training, socialization for puppies, leaving undesirable things, focus and concentration, stay and general good manners.

Whether you want to teach your dog general food manners or want to attend classes but can’t, this private training is a great way to spend some one-on-one time with your dog.

Need Training at Home?

You can also book private training at your home, where the trainer does the training with your dog, if you have other commitments and cannot do the training yourself. If this is more for you, please take a look at day training.

Here are some examples of the unwanted behaviours your dog may show which we can help with:

• Overreacting (showing signs of fear, aggression or frustration towards people or other dogs)

• Resource guarding

• Separation anxiety

• Barking, lunging and growling when on a lead

After the initial consultation you will receive a comprehensive written report covering the session including why your dog may be exhibiting the behaviour and how to help your dog become more comfortable in situations that previously upset him.

You will also receive support via email or phone for the first two weeks after the consultation to help keep you on track.