Day Training

Our dog-only day training is an excellent way for your dog to receive training if you are unable to work with him consistently. Leave him with us, and we’ll train him!

Improve Behaviour

We can help your dog remain calm when you leave, which lowers his stress level and his improves health, and gives you peace of mind when you go out.

hands on training

We provide hands-on training and support to a consistently high standard to change behaviour for long-term success. We do not cut corners or offer quick fixes.

Written Report

At the end of the scheduled sessions, you will receive a written report detailing the training and how to continue.

Fix Unwanted Behaviour

Choose from one of our easy to book packages for once or twice a week training to correct you dog’s unwanted behaviours.

Dog Training

Dog-Only Day Training

Day training (dog-only) is a great way for your dog to receive training if you are unable to work with them.

In some situations where your dog is showing unwanted behaviour it is beneficial for a trainer to begin teaching without you to get your dog on the right track, especially if you have time constraints.

Available Packages

Day training is a minimum of a single one-hour session per week and is available in a six-week or ten-week package.

Written Recap and Training Plan

For the final session, the guardian must be available to participate so that trainer can update them and explain how to continue the training at home and receive a written report. Each session with you and your dog is one hour.