Behaviour Consultation

Action Works Dog Training can help with all aspects of your dog’s behaviour. If you are worried about aggression or simply want an obedient dog, we can help.

Separation Anxiety

Are you worried about leaving your dog at home alone? Are you concerned what you will come home to? Here at Action Works we specialise in separation anxiety and can help your dog to overcome his fear of being left alone.

Resource guarding

Resource guarding of food or toys is a common problem that can lead to aggression if not tackled. Action Works can show you simple ways to help reduce guarding and restore peace.


Ideally your dog should be flexible and confident enough to cope seamlessly with change in new situations and environments but sadly some dogs aren’t. Action Works can show you how to teach your dog the skills he needs to cope in an ever-changing world.

Changing Behaviour

Behaviour modification can be a lengthy and lonely process, and Action Works continues to support you through the highs and lows of changing your dog’s behaviour so you won’t ever feel abandoned.

Behavior Consult

Here are some examples of the unwanted behaviours your dog may show which we can help with:

• Overreacting (showing signs of fear, aggression or frustration towards people or other dogs)

• Resource guarding

• Separation anxiety

• Barking, lunging and growling when on a lead

After the initial consultation you will receive a comprehensive written report of what we cover during the session, why your dog may be exhibiting this behaviour, and how to help your dog become more comfortable in situations the previously upset him.

You will also receive support via email or phone for the first two weeks after the consultation to help keep you on track.